Gyro Shot®

Continuous Gyroscope

The most advanced technology on the market.

The 6 axis Gyro Shot® uses the latest in gyroscopic nanotechnology for impressive drilling accuracy in the most diverse conditions – quickly, easily and reliably.

Our customers buy the Gyro Shot for an all-in-one solution. With an MI-6 Multishot built into the tool, azimuth readings of both magnetic and gyro sensors are available for unparalleled understanding of drilling conditions, in all orientations.

6 Axis Gyroscope

Designed with state of the art solid-state sensors that provide more robust operating parameters than ever before, the Gyro Shot is the only 6-axis gyroscopic survey instrument in the world, delivering accurate, continuous results in all orientations.

Accurate Results in Extreme Conditions

Gyro Shot tools use a hexaxial gyroscope module to monitor the rotation of the instrument through time. Continuous recording and self-talibration permits long-term operation while maintaining accuracy. Gyro Shot tools also contain a magnetometer that can be used to record the magnetic profile of the hole, or as a second independent measure of the hole azimuth.

Improved Performance

The new Gyro Shot provides better overall performance including expanded memory capability, greater battery life and high speed data transfer via USB connectivity.

Instant Results

Gyro Shot tools are completely digital, meaning that survey results are available immediately upon recovery. Digital data also means no more manual entry errors, and the easy to use graphical software produces files suitable for loading into spreadsheets and popular data visualization software.

East to Use

The new Gyro Shot is the most rugged and reliable design in the industry, making it the most dependable instrument available for use with all survey applications. Unlike our competitors, batteries are field replaceable. A ruggedized PC is included with each purchase.


The new Gyro Shot is the most rugged and reliable design in the industry, making it the most dependable instrument available for use with all survey applications.


Gyro Shot® – Specs

Sensor type: Inclination

    • TYPE: Triaxial
    • RANGE: 360° (any orientation)
    • ACCURACY: ± 0.1°C
    • SHOCK: 6000G

Sensor type: Gyroscope

    • TYPE: Hexaxial
    • RANGE: 0-195 deg/s
    • ACCURACY: ± 1° +0.5°/hr
    • SHOCK: 2000g

Sensor type: Magnetometer

    • TYPE: triaxial
    • RANGE: -100 000nT
    • ACCURACY: ± 0.5°
    • SHOCK: N/A

Sensor type: Temperature

    • RANGE: -30°C to +85°C
    • ACCURACY: ± 1°C
    • SHOCK: N/A

Gyro Shot® – Dimensions

Bare Instrument

    • DIAMETER: 25.4mm (1.00”)
    • LENGTH: 1.14m (45.6”)
    • WEIGHT: 1.9kg (4.2lbs)
    • PRESSURE RATING: 300m (H20)

In Pressure Barrel

    • DIAMETER: 33.4mm (1.315”)
    • LENGTH: 1.88m (73.8”)
    • WEIGHT: 8.6kg (19lbs)
    • PRESSURE RATING: 3500m (H20)

RUN TIME: 22 hours (memory limited)
TEMP. RANGE: -30˚C +85˚C
POWER: 6 x AA field-replaceable alkaline batteries
UPGRADES: Firmware field-upgradeable; no-charge software updates

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without prior notice / Specifications sujettes a changements sans preavis.

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