Gyro Path® MWD

Real-time Gyro-Telemetry System

This state-of-the-art Measurement While Drilling tool uses a north-seeking gyro to provide precise wellbore surveys and telemetry with unparalleled accuracy.

Unlike conventional magnetometer-based sensors, Gyro Path® MWD is not affected by magnetic fields, and the real-time telemetry is reliable and available, all without a wireline.

The Gyro Path® MWD system is designed to streamline your drilling operations and eliminate the need for multiple tools, reducing costs and minimizing downtime.


  • Minimal MWD expertise is necessary to operate this tool; the entire system can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.
  • Uses a tried-and-true mud pulse transmission to deliver real-time telemetry data, eliminating the need for wireline services.
  • Fully retrievable.
  • Places gyro sensor as close to the bit as possible.
  • Perfect for whipstock orientation and anti-collision environments, when accuracy is critical.
  • For increased operational flexibility, several add-on sensors can be installed into the same string of tools:
      • Conventional Orientation Sensor
      • 360° Gamma, Orbital Gamma
      • Continuous Inclination & Azimuth
      • Shock & Vibration
      • RPM & Stick-Slip