Gyro Path® Custom Products

Gyro Path®, Gyro Shot®, Gyro One™, and the MI-series of inclinometers include the following equipment, tailored to client needs. Contact us with your custom requirements to develop a unique system that works for you.

Gyro Path® Technology

The core of the Gyro Path® technology is a north-seeking gyroscopically-oriented instrument package that can be applied in mining, oil & gas, and horizontal directional drilling. The system uses angular rate sensors to determine azimuth of the instrument relative to the Earth’s rotation axis. Operation of the surveying instrument is assisted by accelerometers, temperature sensors, and (in some configurations) magnetometers, as well as accessories such as our wireline modem system.

The Gyro Path® technology finds application in:


  • directional borehole steering tools:
    • directional compasses
    • inclinometers
    • clinometers

  • gyroscopically-oriented instruments:
    • gyroscopically-oriented directional compasses
    • gyroscopically-oriented inclinometers
    • gyroscopically-oriented clinometers

  • instruments for measuring direction and orientation of boreholes:
    • directional compasses
    • inclinometers
    • clinometers
    • magnetic and electromagnetic location transmitters and detectors

Gyro Path® Technical and Consulting Services  

Icefield Tools Corporation maintains an in-house electronics lab, precision machine shop, calibration facility, and fabrication space. We can provide a full suite of design and advisory services:
  • mechanical engineering and design
  • embedded electronics design
  • software development
  • measurement of borehole direction and orientation
  • consulting services in borehole surveying
  • contract wellbore surveying for mining and O&G applications
Our technical consulting services extend to the design, implementation, and use of a wide range geophysical instruments and equipment used in industry, including but not limited to:
  • pressure sensors
  • scintillometers
  • gamma ray detectors
  • instruments for measuring borehole properties
    • caliper probes
    • dielectric probes
    • conductivity probes
    • densitometers
    • transducers for measuring sonic wave velocity
    • particle size analyzers
    • porosity meters

Gyro Path® Accessories

Gyro Path® Wireline Interface

A pair of modems which provide for real-time direct communication from downhole equipment utilizing common wireline cable formats.





Customized pressure housing

Standard and high pressure designs available.

Logging winches and cable depth counters

Custom cable lengths, available as slickline or wireline.

Thermal flasks

Our standard thermal flask models allow for operation above 85°C for 6-12 hours.