“These tools are easy to use, they generate powerful data, and I know the Icefield team will be in the mud with me if I need them.”

Surveying Gets Easier

Icefield Tools is a nimble team of specialists and global leaders in the field of precision borehole survey technology. We believe in fast and straightforward surveys that produce invaluable data without the equipment getting in the way. Our state-of-the-art technology comes in a simple package, so that you can focus on getting the job done. We love our R&D, and we create tools that last. By using our technology, you gain our ongoing support and our commitment to ensuring you get the results you need.

Get the job done:

  • immediate product availability
  • simplified setup
  • only 25.4mm / 1” diameter — smallest on the market
  • inclination accurate to ±0.1°
  • shockproof to 6000g
  • field-replaceable AA batteries
  • digital results immediately available at the drill site
  • repeatable data you can trust

24/7 technical support

Upcoming Event:

ADIPEC 2015 – November 9 -12, 2015
Please visit Icefield, along with our distributor Power Line Technical Services Pty Ltd at ADIPEC in Stand 14036.

  • MI-5 Multishot

    magnetic inclinometer

    An industry favorite.

    • Survey in non-magnetic ground or drill rod, or where magnetic interference is sporadic.
    • Pump them, run them on an overshot, or add your own customized sub.
  • Gyro Shot ®

    non-magnetic gyro

    The most advanced technology on the market.

    • Survey in magnetic ground, from within rods, on wirelines/slicklines, or while rods are being pulled.
    • Independent magnetic and non-magnetic gyro azimuths.