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The Latest Release software will control GyroPath, and Gyro One tools running any firmware version above 4.134. New features and updates will be added into this interface.

The Classic GyroPath Interface uses the old windows and forms to control any GyroPath tool running firmware between 4.134 and 4.206.

Gyro CalChecker allows you to run through a north-seeking calibration check of any GyroPath or Gyro One tool.

Software Downloads for MI-5

Option 1: Automatic installation
The automatic installation will download and install the Palm Desktop Software (if required) as well as the latest drivers, data transfer conduits. It will also install the MI-5 software into the Palm PDA.

Option 2: Manual installation
Operating the MI-5 survey tool with a Palm Pilot requires two pieces of software:

  1. You need Palm’s own HotSync® software which manages the transfer of information between a Palm and a Windows computer.
  2. After installing the Palm HotSync software, you need to install our Palm program and conduit software. Save the installation file to your computer and execute it to install the conduit and Palm program. When you next HotSync your Palm Pilot, the program will be placed on the Palm.

Additionally, the Windows INCLIN software permits the user to produce checkplots, edit data, and produce files for export to third-party software such as mine visualization software. This software is a self-extracting archive. Installation of this software is optional, but if you do not install it, you can only view data on the Palm.


1. Palm Desktop Downloads:

    • Palm Desktop 4.1.4 (32 bit Win9x, NT, 2000, XP; 18MB download)
    • Palm Desktop 6.2 (32 & 64 bit, VISTA and Win7; 69MB download; USB HotSync inoperative with Win7 – must use serial port)

Software Downloads for Gyro Shot®

Drivers and Instructions for USB-Serial Converter

Drivers and Instructions for Meazura PDA

Legacy Software and Hardware

Husky Pty, of England, was purchased by Itronix, of Spokane WA in February 2000. DOS platforms are no longer supported by Itronix.