This equipment is very easy to use. People can be trained to perform the measurements with little difficulty, the results are simple to interpret . . . the best system I have used in my 45 years of exploration drilling. —Jim McGlasson, Technical Services Director, IMDEX Inc.

Gyro Path® NSG

The most advanced North Seeking Gyroscopic technology available for downhole use.

The latest in solid state nanotechnology for impressive results in the most extreme drilling conditions; suitable for use in every application, whether vertical or horizontal. Boasts both memory and real-time capabilities in one system and provides precision and accuracy that is unmatched by any other product available.

Use for: Drop-Method, Steering, Orientations, Real-Time Surveys (SRG), and Memory Multi-Shot Surveys

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Gyro Shot ®

The first 6-axis gyroscopic survey instrument in the world, providing fast, highly accurate directional information. The Gyro Shot’s rugged design requires no special parachuting centralizers or pump-down procedures for drop-method gyro configuration. A versatile memory gyroscopic tool, featuring drop method capability and multishot surveys on slickline or wireline.

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MI-6 Magnetic Multishot

An industry favorite, refined over 20 years of production. Time and again, our customers tell us that after years of use, it remains their go-to device when they need data they can depend on. Rugged and reliable, this digital system operates in any orientation and provides instant results in a simple package that’s easy to operate.

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