Our Team

Erik Blake PGeo, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Erik brings 20 years experience as a leading global mind in borehole survey technology. With a PhD in geophysics from the University of British Columbia, he understands first hand the importance of effective borehole survey tools, and has proven his expertise specializing this technology for the mining and oil and gas industries. The depth of his knowledge is evident in his many technological achievements, including his design of a prototype ice coring drill for use on a Mars Rover. Driven by his tireless pursuit to advance survey technology, his heart is in the products and in the field, making customer satisfaction his most valued indicator of business success.

Lee Randell

Chief Operating Officer

Lee believes in people. He trusts his team and gets to know the customers. With a history of entrepreneurial successes, he brings a roll-up-your-sleeves style that Erik recognized immediately—perfect for the Icefield Tools culture and its commitment to customer support. He is a man of many trades—from commercial real estate to land surveying to mining consulting—never ceasing to surprise with the skills in his back pocket. Using his calm and logical style, Lee drives the company forward, growing its potential through his leadership.

Mel Sauvé

Business Development Manager

Mel is a business builder—always honing in on strengths to improve the Icefield Tools offering. An engineer and MBA, he straddles both sides of the business, making sure the state-of-the-art technology is delivered through state-of-the-art sales and service. He brings 30 years experience in oil and gas, mining and the like—from working on the oil rigs of Venezuela to leading international sales of diverse mining technologies. For Mel, Icefield Tools’ relentless innovation and customer-first attitude are the secrets to positive growth.