Our Story

It was the early 1990s, when glaciological researcher Erik Blake was drilling through ice in pursuit of his PhD. For his research to succeed, he needed to pinpoint the locations from where he drew samples—but as a struggling student, he couldn’t afford the tools to do the job. Having always had a pioneering spirit, he began developing the needed instrumentation himself.

His tool was so accurate and reliable that it sparked immediate demand from other academics—and then others, and then others—until Erik was inadvertently running a business and seeing the potential for other applications.

By the early 2000s, he had rallied a team to create technology for the mining industry under the name “Icefield Tools.” As a group, they were leading a new standard of sophistication in borehole survey technology, and since then, neither the company nor the industry has looked back.

Erik continues to push the boundaries of science to create tools that are forever more versatile and accurate. Still at the company’s helm, he hires people who bring the same passion, innovation and purpose to their work, and who like him, are as dedicated to creating great tools as they are to supporting their customers in reaping all the benefits in the field.