The quality of this technology and Icefield’s fast technical support is what the oil and gas industry has been looking for. —AIP Columbia
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Oil and Gas

High Temperatures. Deep Holes. Big Money. Immediate Needs.

Oil and gas is an industry of high stakes. Everything has magnitude, and we excel in that context. We are led by one of the most respected R&D minds in the field—and our latest developments have been inspired by oil and gas needs. The distinct qualities of our tools, plus our exceptional customer service, save time and money on a scale that matters for this industry.

Favorite Features of Our Oil & Gas Customers

  • free-drop into the hole—no pump or parachute
  • smallest on the market—true slimline versatility
  • solid state technology—no moving parts, greater integrity
  • low failure rate in the hole—faster progress
  • low power dissipation—long runtime in thermal shield
  • fast readings—15 sec per static reading


Surveying in cased holes or mixed conditions?
Read about the magnetically non-sensitive Gyro Shot ®

Magnetic interference not an issue?
Read about the MI-6 Multishot