The instrument is easy to use, takes excellent data, and the hardware doesn’t become obsolete as with other providers. Plus, the technical support is better than from any other company we have worked with. —Alvaro Resterpo, Operations Manager, MinCivil
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Rugged Terrain. Extreme Conditions. Diverse Teams. Limited Time.

Mining is about accuracy in unpredictable environments. For more than a decade, we have been advancing the science of borehole surveying for mining. Our customers have taught us the subtle details that make the difference—and we have acted on their recommendations. We’ve learned that when deep in the rock and thick with mud, our tools need to be easy to use, and they need to get the data right.

Favorite Features of Our Mining Customers

  • easy to train a team—across languages / education levels
  • operates in all orientations—even horizontal and inverted
  • no connections to the surface—easy to set up
  • low power consumption—22 hr runtime
  • high accuracy and repeatability—less doubt
  • solid state technology—no moving parts, greater integrity


Surveying in cased holes or mixed conditions?
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